A commissioned children’s book illustration written by Michaun Madsen published by DeVorrs & Company.

Story Overview

It sounds pretty simple: plant some seeds, add water, sunshine, and in time tiny sprouts pop up through the ground. It only seems natural that if you follow the same steps, you’ll get the same results – but it doesn’t always happen that way. Not all seeds become hearty and healthy fruits and vegetables. Why?

There are many ways to help a seed grow up strong and healthy. The same can be said of a child and the benefits of a happy and healthy home, with a nurturing family that tends the garden and feeds the soul. Author Michaun Madsen saw the similarities and created a story that young minds can actually see and embrace, making it easy to understand the importance of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

The Brief

When the story was given to me, the lines were already laid out per page and there was already a broad description of what they wanted to see (such as “toddler sitting on a big comfy chair”). It was just left to me how I would envision it. They wanted it to be bright, colorful and full of life.


The Process

I started sketching the pages based on what they have instructed. They wanted a mix of full page illustrations and vignettes. Once approved, I started with the color studies.


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