Personal Illustration

Journey Home

Created for Ang Illustrador ng Kabataan's (Ang INK) 25th Anniversary Exhibition at the Ayala Museum held last October 2016, entitled "Tinker Tales".

The exhibit showcased illustrations based on stories written by children who were inspired by Ang InK’s Story Stones. Exhibited at the Ayala Museum in December of 2015, the Story Stones’ painted people, animals and objects provided the building blocks for children of different ages, backgrounds and schools to create stories of their own.


Below is the story written by Sam Title, a young student from Raya School, where my illustration is inspired by.

"One day Erick saw and ice cream stone. He picked the ice cream and bring it home. When he went home his dog licked the ice cream stone. He played with the ice cream stone. The next day Erick went to the mall and he saw a pizza stone. And then he saw 3 more stones and a diamond stone, strawberry stone and puppy stone. He put the stones in his and play with the stones. The next day he needs to go to work and he introduce the stones to his boss now every one wants to buy stones from Erick. The end"