An Analog Film Photography Fair

An event for all shutterbugs and aspiring film enthusiasts in Philippines held on March 7th, 2020. Warehouse Eight & Kamera Club welcomed the growing community to share the love for all things film and photography on an intimate one-day analog fair. A day on putting a spotlight on a slow and meaningful non-digital process– a charming memory keeper, expression, and art that we want to keep alive.

Featuring vendors of vintage cameras, film rolls, camera accessories, photo prints and artworks.


Worked on the branding for the event and created promo posts to be uploaded in the Facebook event page and Instagram. All images are illustrated vectored images with a mix of grainy texture to make it look more interesting. They wanted to take inspiration from vintage film packaging, using the tone and washed out color scheme. Art Direction by Kayla Dionisio.


Merchants poster

Musicians poster

Food and drinks posters

Photobooth poster

Raffle poster

Workshop template

Map inside the venue



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